Meet Mick – Founder of The S.O.C.

I’m Mick Manning, a former Research Scientist turned entrepreneur. I have conducted medical research at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

I started cleaning after funding cuts to my research. I take a methodical approach to cleaning, thanks to my background in science.

When I started cleaning, with a scientific mind, I found myself reading chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of cleaning products and I knew that there was a better, safer way.

The ethics of the home and commercial cleaning industry are also important to me. I provide safe and healthy conditions, with fairly-paid cleaners, resulting in consistent, high quality cleaning for our clients.

About Our Company

Established in 2013, The Science of Clean provides effective, ethical and environmentally friendly cleaning.

Our protocols have been developed using scientific knowledge and an evidence based approach, allowing us to provide the highest quality cleaning which is safe for you, our staff and the environment.

Clean – Safe – Sustainable


Our mission is simple but boldly ambitious; Clean the World. That is right, the entire world!

 Not by sterilizing everything, quite the opposite. High quality cleaning does not have to impact the environment. This is our foundation and starting point. Our cleaning processes are designed to be safe, effective and kind to the environment.

Beyond cleaning services, our long-term business goals include: providing ethically sourced cleaning products at refill stations, investing in plastic recycling plants, advocating for the wide-scale implementation of bio-gas conversion stations and supporting the much needed transition to renewable energy.